hirsutes you sir . . .

Last week wifey typed about Peruke & Periwig and how coole and hipp it was, but she never typed about our pal Ed from Carlow, with the beard, hoy! and that he is a Guinness World Record holder, although the record he owns is S.H.I.T.

Anyway herez Ed . . . and hiz quote of the day;


“Carlow is DONE, Cavan is where itzatt”

. . . and because itz Tuesday night, we have one more from:


# 6 ) William Blake, English poet, painter and printmaker, from England.  Largely unrecognised during his lifetime;

“For the strangled impulse, there is no redemption”

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One Response to hirsutes you sir . . .

  1. RoSy says:

    Interesting record.
    I just showed the video to one of my daughters & she thought that this was cool. She then went & brought down a Ripley’s book & showed me a pic of the previous record holder. I expect to see your friend’s photo in the next Ripleys’ or Guinness World Records book that my kids get then – eh?

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