“Delaney! Get outta that garden!”

summer 2014


She woke me early yesterday morning, sometime around six.  The day had been planned a week in advance, and i knew that i had to fix, the garden.  The soil was hard, the grass was long, and the patio required a scrub, and i was tired and somewhat hungover,  all i needed i think? was a hug, from her.

* * *

So i got up on mah day off at the stupid time of 8, and i let the doggs out for a pee anda poo.  She remained in bed with a book and some popcorn and stayed there until she could, no longer justify her laziness and together we walked the two traumatised bitch faces the short walk to their doggie doctor who told us that they need more painkillers and antibiotics, and we smiled and nodded and walked the return journey home where i recommenced the clean up of the back garden.

* * *

It was sometime after four that i finished,

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7 Responses to “Delaney! Get outta that garden!”

  1. I have no idea what ye are on about 🙂

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