I know you’re well and you’re doing fine . . .

“The Faz” sat with us at the dining table in the dining room with his glass half full of vodka and both ourselves were easing into the evening, aided by beer and wine when! Delaney ran under the table towards the bay window and frantically began licking herself where it no longer mattered.  We all knew there was a problem, ‘specially when i darted to her and screamed (like a chick) as i saw her red insides, come out.  Thankfully the Englishman . . . from, well . . . up the road,  turned the corner with his pal Woodie, calmed us down, as i telephoned various vets until i received an answer from U.C.D.  allowing me to visit with our, as i felt, alien invested dogg.

* * *

. . . and after two hours i was told by Lydia that i could return home, but not until i said goodbye to my two friends and their palz cat who fell two storeys . . . i exaggerate, nine storeys, from a balcony in Sandyford and wasint found for eighteen hours but weel say nothing!

karl and roberta

Karl & Roberta, and her quote of the day:

Mocking is the most sincere form of flattery” . . . and don’t that apply to me! . . .

and because it’s Easter Sunday;


# 8) Jesus, Middle Eastern philosopher

“And know that i am with you, YES! ’till the end of time”




. . . thinking of you;

. . . although i prefer this one . . .

. . . no offence baby bitch face x



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