household tax poster ireland

An ominous brown envelope alighted on our doorstep this morning and that was the final straw.

Now we’re really bloody angry.

Where does this government get off thinking they can continue to raid the already empty pockets of Ireland’s working classes?

Enough is enough.

The letter kindly informed us that having received our payment of the Property Tax (which itself is a travesty since we paid stamp duty when we bought the kip in the first place) that they noted we hadn’t paid the Household Charge of €100 back in 2012.

Well that’s because in protest against the injustice of its imposition we didn’t bloody pay it (along with over half the country).

But there’s no escaping it now. Now they know who we are. And if we don’t pay, they can take it direct from our wages. Also they’ve decided, since we made them wait, that we’ll have to pay €200, double the original charge.

Don’t forget this is on top of a marginal tax rate of 52%, €200 a year in annual bin charges, €600 road tax, €350 property tax, a private pension levy, universal social charge and impending broadcast and water charges.

Are they for bloody real? Irish workers can’t afford anymore and yet here they come looking for more…

Can’t wait for canvassing politicians to call to our door before the local elections.


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4 Responses to Taxonomy

  1. Well I think you have been great not to pay this yet !!!

    I helped poster for this from day one, no matter which way they put it the money is only being used to finance the bank bail out !

    Creating a new debt on people who had nothing to do with anything other than normal personal debts in the first place!!!

    It leaves you wonderful what our personal rights are , the right to just shut up and pay or say something and pay, or don’t pay and pay more ?

    Then today locally we have to look at all their face’s going up on the lamp posts and the local bypass as if they will actually do what the posters say ? , Turn the poster around and I wonder which face you will see ?

    The only thing they don’t tax for is Fresh air, unlike all their hot air it still costs us nothing 🙂 🙂

    • rjmackin says:

      It feels like our democracy is really a sham. They can just come up with these absurd taxes and even when the majority of the country strongly oppose them, they plough ahead anyway. But the ability to go in a take it out of your salary is just shocking. And when you have to pay all this stuff and then you read about all the corruption and the likes of Rehab and the CRC and how much of the tax they collect that is just embezzled and squandered and it really is galling. And yes, the posters going up just pissed me off, as you know they are going to be exactly the same as the crew currently ripping us off, nothing changes, so I say again, how is this democracy???

  2. It is a big Question isn’t it !!!

    At least it makes you wonder what the word “democracy” means !!!

    At the moment its about as deep as voting for which one of them smiles the most, paid for the biggest smile – yet has a 2.1 from pickpocket school !!!

    Pick one , or pick none , same result !!!!! they pick your pocket with a smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. They only just sent the threat letter? We got ours last year, and caved. Oh, for forgot the TV tax as I call it, and the WTF-for credit card tax.

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