Duty galls

Stamp Duty on Credit Cards

I’ve been feeling rather smug lately as I’ve nearly managed to clear the onerous debt on my credit card. It’s taken years but I’m almost there.

Funnily enough when I owed the bank thousands I never heard from them, but a couple of months ago when I missed the minimum payment deadline, they harassed me by phone and mail to inform me I owed them the princely sum of €5.37. Go figure.

But what stopped me in my tracks this morning when I opened the bill was a charge of €30 for Government Stamp Duty.

Now I thought that was something to do with houses, but when I called the bank to enquire, they informed me that the government has been charging credit card holders this stealth tax for years.

Worse still, it also applies at a lower amount to debit and laser cards.

I was angry enough about stealth taxes last week but how on earth can the government justify charging its citizens for the privilege of having a credit card?


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11 Responses to Duty galls

  1. That’s the credit card tax I was talking about. Good thing you only have one, eh? Just what does that tax go toward?!?

    • rjmackin says:

      Ah. This was the first time I actually noticed it. Unbelievable. No doubt goes towards inflated salaries and pensions of the government and their cronies.

      • Yep. Let’s move to Australia.

        Oh – we got one of those threat letters about the property tax, too – in MY name. My name isn’t even on the house! Good luck, ye cunts. Hubby caved but I’d have gone for it, if my immigration status was current… Ahem… Oops? Don’t suppose you know anyone of use for becoming a citizen? I tried 3,4 times, got everything back with ‘wrong paperwork’ or ‘wrong department’ but no one would tell me what was right!

      • rjmackin says:

        If I was 25 I’d be in Oz or canada for sure! And not sure how the citizenship thing works but I’ll ask the crew in work as they are good on stuff like that.

      • Oof, I moved here when I was 34 – it was a major undertaking to do all alone! Maybe we need to find a nice island in the South Pacific… I’d move again for that! And a couple Mil so I could learn to fly, just in case we all had to evacuate 🙂

        Any help is welcome, I’m able to vote locally (as if it really matters) but not nationally until I’m officially Irish. And I really do want to do that!

      • rjmackin says:

        Yeah preferably an uninhibited island or at least one with a docile population so we can set up a benign dictatorship. And I’m guessing it’s just a case of technicalities with ur citizenship since u should qualify, right?

      • Yep, I just never got the forms right. Oh, and I’ve been here illegally since 2006, because I turned my card in to Swinford Garda station, and they lost it… And then they wanted €100 a year to renew a card I don’t have, so I said screw that!

      • rjmackin says:

        Well I’d say it’s unlikely they’ll deport you at this stage! But I imagine things would be a lot easier if your status was formalised. Bloody bureaucracy!

      • I’ll have been here nine years next month, working (when I could get a damn job) and paying ALLL the taxes the whole time. Of course if I’d spat out a rake of babbies there’d be no bother.

      • rjmackin says:

        I’m guessing the furry variety don’t count!!!!

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