Country Life

i hadint returned home to Cavan in sometime, so when wifey told me of the Shercock Mayday Festival taking place over the weekend i said “Honey, letz pack the car” and early Saturday morning, myself, Moo Moo and the two bitch faces hit the road, a car full with goodies anda tape cassette loaded and ready to play.  The journey up to God’s county took no time at all and by one in the afternoon we slowly drove the country lane to the farmhouse.


Mamere was already there in the living room waiting for her four loved ones, and brother Eugene soon arrived with his black dogg andan old rifle, three beers later we were ready to shoot.



The afternoon took itz time, the country life quiet although the baadest ram in the land annoyed Delaney who whined some times when the ram called.


she soone tired of baadass, and we thought the hour was here to light the stove and settle in for the night . . . so we did, and enjoyed our beer and company while the bitch faces slept and dreamt of winning the luvvely dogz competition, while i listened to the words of Bobbie Whitlock and his love for the country life;

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