itz abowt three in the afternoon and the mucus thataz taken hold ammah nose hasint left yet, and eyev tried not to complain, but Hell! i kant breathe through mah nose! and itz annoyin’ the shit outta me, so i busy mahself wit’wurc.  for the hours to pass tha’ bit more indjoyable i turn on the speakers either side of the stage in the large room with the wooden ceiling and play the tchoone thatz been with me ever since i bought the ticket to see Bryan Ferry in the NCH in June, andeye follow that’ wih the music from the West Coast Cooler advertisement about girlz shining on and on and on and yawn and bore and gurls, september gurls, hey?

eventually the song i shudda played last Friday night with the boys in the reading room, appears azzan option and its the video that accompanies it, well, thatz the one video that epitomises mah late twenties and mah party mood that i continually try to revisit, although, itz no use anymore as eyem thirtie five and married, witha head cold, that won’t leave.

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