The cheap solution to getting a first class seat is dying.

Moo Moo calls me in the afternoon to tell me a story she heard on Newstalk and sheez laughing, so eyem guessing itz funnie.  Between her guffaws the words are heard in mah ears and immediately, i think of Commando, that absurd action / adventure movie of the mid eighties where our hero Col. John Matrix has his daughter kidnapped by his former friend Bennet in order to carry out a political assassination for a South American dictator named Arius, who wishes to lead a military coup in his home country of Val Verde.  Eyem thinking especially of the scene where Matrix boards the plane with his minder and manages to kill the fooker and jump from the plane just as itz taking off.  I like that scene, specifically when he tells the air hostess, “Don’t disturb my friend, he’s dead tired” as Henriques sits quietly beside him, dead, with a cap covering his head and a blanket up to his shoulders.  And this is all i see, as Wifey laughs, telling me of the British Airways protocol for dealing with dead people on flights.

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2 Responses to The cheap solution to getting a first class seat is dying.

  1. Not the daily mail! And a vodka!?!? Do they think everyone that dies in flight is from Essex?

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