Wake up and smell the jet fuel

Aer Lingus logo

It really looks like the staff at Aer Lingus are doing everything in their power to lose the sympathy of the Irish people.

Organising strikes for national holidays and bank holiday weekends certainly doesn’t win many friends.

This is now their third threat of industrial action in 6 months and its genesis is in demands by cabin crew for the same rosters as pilots, which the airline says is impracticable. 200 flights had to be cancelled or rescheduled as a result of today’s strike.

Even if they have legitimate grievances, hurting the general public is not the solution.

Personally I struggle to find sympathy for them. For many years Aer Lingus staff enjoyed pay, perks and conditions far superior to the average worker.

Now with the advent of competition, their employer has to reduce costs to effectively compete with Ryanair. If they don’t succeed in that, they could consider options such as relocating abroad which won’t be in anyone’s interest.

Over the past few years of austerity, almost every worker (except those protected by the Croke Park and Haddington Road agreements) has had to do more with less for less. And that’s just the harsh reality of working in a country that went bankrupt.

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