I predict a riot

Howth Harbour Dublin

Over the June bank holiday weekend in Ireland, over 22,000 motorists were stopped at Garda speed checkpoints in just under 6 hours.

During the same weekend 300 drunk and disorderly scumbags descended on the sleepy Dublin suburb of Sutton and started a riot, terrorising locals and tourists alike.

There were no arrests.

Seems to me our police force is looking for criminals in the wrong places.

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2 Responses to I predict a riot

  1. kateskabin says:

    It’s shocking what they are doing, I really feel for the people who live in these areas or the tourists who head out there for a nice walk and some lunch and get faced with these little shits running amok.

    • rjmackin says:

      I know! Someone said it was like D-Day with them descending on the beaches as soon as the sun came out. The cops need to start getting tough with this behaviour as it seems to happen every year. It shouldn’t take them by surprise…

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