PC Plod

Niall Harbison a blogger from Lovin Dublin has been causing quite a stir over the following facetious comments he made in a local restaurant review.

“When the sun shines there are certain places that you just know will be packed. The Barge is probably the most obvious place to head but for years it was Ocean Bar. 100s of people would sit outside happily supping pints and watching knackers play their favourite sport of bridge jumping wearing wet suits. It really is amazing how long the little bastards can keep themselves entertained jumping into water and how the local crime rates plunge when they are all busy having their annual wash.”

Personally I found that pretty damn funny and obviously tongue in cheek.

However, the outraged hordes on social media promptly descended, drawing analogies with Hitler and Max Clifford (not sure which is worse), accusing him of snobbery, judgementalism and inhumanity.

They made helpful and self-righteous suggestions, that perhaps he should spend time working with a charity for disadvantaged inner city children or performing some kind of community service as penance for the crime of having an opinion.

In the end he was press-ganged into issuing an apology, which for me utterly defeats the purpose of writing opinion pieces.

I found it curious that the most vituperative of the commenters were not regular visitors to the site. They dropped by purely to vent their spleen.

The Twitter avengers obviously have plenty of time on their hands to scour the internet for instances of supposed injustice that they can get suitably offended by.

The hundred who marched for the 800 Tuam babies, clutching candles and baby shoes while beating their breasts in despair, long before the actual facts of the case were known, are one species of this.

I’m just so sick of this damn PC brigade who earnestly crusade against anything that doesn’t conform to their sentimentalised, relativist, mediocritarian view of the world.

They appear to thrive on sensationalism and suffering and they have absolutely no sense of humour.


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2 Responses to PC Plod

  1. The forced apology always makes me laugh in cases like this, if it is forced then he obviously does not mean it, so why bother forcing someone to apologise? Too many people have no sense of humour and are just waiting to be offended. I remember Noel Gallagher saying if you pissed on a wall the bricklayer would be offended and would probably sue you.

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