Peddlers and meddlers

cyclists lycra

Unsurprisingly Dublin City Council’s proposed solution to the increasing problem of traffic congestion is an incongruous one…

They are suggesting reducing the already gridlocked North Quays from two lanes to one, to accommodate a new cycle track.

Their rationale for this inanity is that it will deter motorists from driving into the city centre. Instead they expect them to, en masse, adopt a healthier, greener mode of transportation, abandoning their cars with alacrity and joining the lycra-clad, pedalling evangelists on wheels.

One expert was quoted as saying that Dubliners shouldn’t consider it their inalienable right to bring their cars into the city.

Now, what’s wrong with this hypothesis is that public transportation in this city universally sucks. It involves long waits in inclement weather, longer commutes, overcrowding and unreliability.

As house prices soared during the boom years, many people were forced to live further out, in commuter towns with poor transport links to the city, meaning they are wholly reliant on their cars to get to work.

It’s obvious the proponents of this scheme are living in a fantasy land where everyone is fortunate enough to reside near a Luas line or in a trendy city centre apartment a mere stroll from their office.

The solution to Dublin’s transport problems is not to apportion the blame to motorists and ban cars from the city; this is a cop out on the part of a government who have failed to invest in the necessary transport infrastructure for a city of this size and whose lack of vision and poor planning will continue to haunt us for years to come.

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