Hipster baby names

hipster baby with bow tie

So the most popular hipster baby names have just been released…

Here’s what we think…

The Chicks

Briseida – Shakespearean heroine likely to meet a nasty end

Farrah – definitely the hottest of the Angels

Inez – French for nose?

Liora – washing detergent?

Minnie – mouse

Odette – oddity

Pandora – oh to be named after an overpriced charm bracelet…

Romy – East European gypsy?

Suzette – a fancy flammable dessert

Tessie – almost normal, what’s it doing on this list?

Wren – better than pigeon I suppose…

Zola – The bad guy in Battle of the Planets?


The Boys

Auden – effeminate poet type

Byron – less effeminate poet type

Enoch – military type

Gulliver – giant type

Ignatius – pervy priest type

Lennon – tormented musical genius type

Murray – sporty Scottish type

Nico – chain smoking type

Orson – nerdy sci-fi type

Roman – big nosed type

Salinger – literary loner type

Zane – boy band type



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