Paradise Lost

Dun Laoghaire Harbour BoatDun Laoghaire Pier Ferris Wheel Dun Laoghaire Pier view Ferris Wheel Dun Laoghaire Garden

Dun Laoghaire should be a paradise by the sea.

On summer days crowds throng to walk the pier, browse through market stalls in the People’s Park and treat themselves to an ice-cream from the legendary Teddy’s at the end of it all.

The views across Dublin Bay are spectacular and from the pier you can see all the way to the Dublin Mountains.

It should be a paradise… but it’s not…

It’s a town where the local council discourages visitors by charging more for parking than anywhere else in Ireland and where local businesses are closing every day as a result.

It’s a town where they spend more on electronic bins that order you to pick up your dog poop, than on cultural events. Last year’s Festival of World Cultures had to be cancelled because the council had overspent.

It’s a town where the local planners approved this architectural monstrosity and yet have spent the past 10 or more years procrastinating over what to do with the disused Victorian baths.

Dun Laoghaire New Library Front Dun Laoghaire New Library Side

It’s a town with abundant outdoor seating, but when we tried to sit in this empty garden terrace and enjoy a coffee with our dogs, we were chased off the premises as health and safety hazards.

Olivetto's Garden Terrace Dun laoghaire

Think we’ll stay home in Firhouse in future!

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