Our Belle Isle, Co. Fermanagh

both moo moo and eye blue the holiday budget earlier in the year by going to old Noo Yorc and cramming twelve days into 6 which broke us physically, financially and spiritually and left us with no other foreign holiday to look 4wad to later in the year.  And then! we got an invite to a friends house in south Portugal, and awl weehad toodoo was book sum cheap flights with the reformed airline and we were on our way, but! moo moo decided against that plan and instead we ended up North in Co. Fermagh onna wet island outside Enniskillen.


we left onna sunnie Saturday morning and with the two bitch faces, headed up to God’s county to spend two days with my mammy, while the dogs holidayed with Gladys and Cyril and their precious paws while we slummed it in our house at the top of the town and hadda luvvely time, drinkin’ sum beers with the locals in the blocks, and remembering dead daddies and other relatives buried in the graveyard, what f.u.n. we had!

so . . . below are some pictures of our belle isle;






. . . and now we find ourselves in the living room in Kingscourt waiting for our car to be fixed and then weel pick up Delaney & Bonnie and head back to the black pool with our short cheap break deposited in the memory bank.



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