Princess of Power

yesterday afternoon i returned from the boozer with my brother Eugene, aka:Gonzo


. . . to find that moo moo was not in the house but! outside in the yard by the fence talking to a very sick kitten and she told me this and asked our opinion which was; let the poor thing die as quite clearly she’s got cat flu and whatcha wannuz t’doo anyways? needless to say the petit feline was taken indoors and wrapped inna pink towel while my mammy and moo moo tore some salmon into strips to give to the cat.

an hour later we checked onitt and itwaz quite cold so the hard hearted bastard that eye am thought about drowning the stray and as i left the kitchen to fetch the plastic bag i found myself talking on the phone to the vet who’d be with us in ten minutes and indeeding she was.  Andrea took She Ra of us and told us sheed call temara with the bad, forward slash, good news, and so please meet our new friend


She Ra who may be with us this time next week. Please tchoone in for another installment on the same cat channel.

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3 Responses to Princess of Power

  1. RoSy says:

    Awww… how kind of you.
    I am not a fan of cats. But – don’t think I could have gone through with the plastic bag thing either.

    • Brown Dogg says:

      whole lotta rosie, eyem fromma farming background and unfortunately the plastic bag thing is sometimes the best course of action 😦 anyways the cat is alive and we hope to collect her early next week. for me, i love cats andam very happie we havva new friend x

  2. Good man yourself 🙂 Sometimes they choose you and you can’t do anything but love them for it.

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