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Election Apathy

I’ve never been so indifferent about an election as I am towards the by-election in our constituency on October 10th. And I have never seen such a sorry selection of wannabe TD’s. It’s really highlighted for me the genuine lack … Continue reading

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The Great Pensions Robbery

Private pension funds today woke up to find they were victims of an audacious theft. Overnight they had been robbed of over €700 million. The perpetrators were known to the victims. In fact they were the Irish government. Since its … Continue reading

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A new departure

Fine Gael came to power in 2011, capitalising on the greatest economic collapse this country had ever experienced. Their manifesto promised a new type of politics, a radical new departure, and an end to the corruption, cronyism and collusion that … Continue reading

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“Ya wide about what’s happening?”

like many people who work, i have two days off a week, and on occasions i must take them when it doesint suit . . . me, such azza Monday, orra Tuesday, orra Wednesday, a Thursday, Friday and so one … Continue reading

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Ask not what you can do for your county council…

It’s bad enough that, in Ireland, town and county councillors get very well remunerated for doing what was originally designed to be a voluntary or part-time vocation. By the time you add in their lucrative expense accounts, some of them … Continue reading

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Sting in the tail

  Poor Delaney got stung on the paw when trying to play with a wasp last night. While I stood around trying to remember whether it was vinegar or bread soda you put on a wasp sting (vinegar, it transpires) herself and her … Continue reading

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Best reason yet to vote yes to Scottish independence…

… a whole lot of people in England will have to get new tattoos!

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Credit where credit is due

Following on from last week’s ECB decision to cut interest rates to a record low of 0.05%, IBEC reports that the average mortgage monthly repayment in Ireland has fallen by €766 per month (€9,000) per year. Spare a thought for … Continue reading

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Stuffed toy takes on real dogs… and wins!

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