Ask not what you can do for your county council…


It’s bad enough that, in Ireland, town and county councillors get very well remunerated for doing what was originally designed to be a voluntary or part-time vocation. By the time you add in their lucrative expense accounts, some of them are taking home six figure sums for attending the odd meeting or conference, going to a couple of funerals, turning up at a few GAA clubs and sitting on as many boards as possible (that’s where the real money is!)

But now we hear that those, who are so useless, we eventually copped on and voted them out of their sinecures, are to get golden parachutes to soften their landing.

Councils have set aside over €20m to fund the gratuities to councillors who lost their seats in the recent local elections, which they are contractually obligated to pay.

It’s a win-win situation for our councillors… Get overpaid for doing a handy job (while holding down another) and then get overpaid for being turfed out of that job. Sweet!

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