“Ya wide about what’s happening?”

like many people who work, i have two days off a week, and on occasions i must take them when it doesint suit . . . me, such azza Monday, orra Tuesday, orra Wednesday, a Thursday, Friday and so one and on and on and I do like those mid – week days to myself as i spend them listening to RTE Radio 1, which reminds me of my mother, as the channel would always be on at home azza child, and azeye think of her now, i remember her gift to both me and moo moo last Christmas when she produced a gift card for two nights B & B inna hotel outside Galway.

“Now! you two, just relax and leave the dogs at home and . . . and . . . and you two just . . . relax, you’re always going here and going there and you can never just stay in the one place and do nothing, so you enjoy this break and RELAX

. . . and we did, leaving early from work onna Friday afternoon, listening to Newstalk with George Hook, who kept us company the entire journey, which took just under two hours, arriving at our hotel just after six;


where we checked in and took a beer from the bar outside and indjoyed the view from the terrace above the main road;


. . . and when we weer finished we showered and changed and left for the large town behind the hotel, stopping first inna bar called O’Connells onda square;


where we smoked our smokes and drank our drinks in the large yard out tha’back and met Mark witha beard from down south who was alone waiting onna friend, and when she arrived we left but not before saying goodbye to our pals with the tats from Dublin;


We had booked a table for two inna restaurant named Aniar, the only Michelin star’d restaurant inda whest, although i had seen the menu andeyed read the reviews so i thought to myself NO! it seems a bit pricey for what you get so . . . i phoned them and cancelled and booked a different restaurant inna different part of town for the two of us and after our five drinks onda square myself and my stumblie wife walked towards our new adventure and by the tim we got there, well . . . it was dark;


. . .and we waited outside forra while and then weer asked to come in;


. . . where we indjoyed a luvvely meal at luvvely prices and afterwards thought? itz time to go home, so we did where we viewed the view drunk;


. . . and talked the talk offa drunk to Rick from Minneapolis , and then we went to bed, where we slept inna BIG bed.


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One Response to “Ya wide about what’s happening?”

  1. Ger says:

    Linguistically this reads a bit like where ‘A Year in Provence’ meets ‘A Clockwork Orange’!

    Sounds like you both had a choodessny time, my veck.

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