Election Apathy

I’ve never been so indifferent about an election as I am towards the by-election in our constituency on October 10th.

And I have never seen such a sorry selection of wannabe TD’s.

It’s really highlighted for me the genuine lack of choice facing Irish voters these days.

Here they are in all their smiling, baby kissing, funeral attending, GAA club visiting, school building, water rates abolishing glory…

First up this chick…


Cait Keane poster

Cares about families, elderlies and kids.

But I’m still angry with these guys over how they are screwing us on income tax and stealth taxes and how they haven’t made any moves to reform health and welfare.

That’s a no from me.

Next up this guy…

Paul Murphy poster

Single issue candidate. This is his third attempt to get elected to anything in 3 different constituencies. He looks kind of angry… and even if we elect him, there’s bugger all he’ll be able to do about the water charges coming towards us with the relentlessness of a runaway freight train.

So that’s not an option.

Now there’s the congenial looking Fianna Fail guy…

John Lahart letter

Cares about schools in YOUR neighbourhood.

But in all fairness I’m just not ready to vote Fianna Fail yet. The memories of financial Armageddon and the loss of our economic sovereignty to the Troika are still too fresh.

That leaves this bird…

Pamela Kearns poster


But sure they’re in government with Fine Gael and have rolled over on education, water charges and public sector reform (Howlin cut one out of 1,100 of archaic allowances) while still pandering to the unions that are crippling our economy.

Eh, no thanks Pamela.

And last up the wild card Independent…

Ronan McMahon poster

Another failed local election candidate. And while voting Independent in this country is a type of protest vote, it’s also a wasted vote as these guys have no real power, no voice and no policies.

No way.

There’s also a Sinn Fein candidate running but I’m so not going to go there… ever… If there was a Green Party candidate running, I’d most likely throw them a first preference as they’re the least offensive but there isn’t, so from where I’m sitting there are no good options here and that’s reflective of the political landscape as a whole. There’s never been a better time for a new party to arise.

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