Boardroom Blitz

We, in Ireland, should be proud that we have such eminently qualified and prestigious luminaries on our state boards.

The fact that they are all well-connected to the Fine Gael parliamentary party or mates with a Minister is purely coincidental.

They were clearly appointed as a result of their vast expertise and experience in their relevant fields.

John McNulty Mace

John McNulty – IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art) Board Appointee

Previous experience – GAA team coach, petrol station and convenience store manager

Ministerial car Ireland

Hilary Quinlan – Irish Water Board Member

Previous experience – Chauffeur and failed County Councillor

bowling alley

Darragh Loftus – Solas (State Employment Agency) Board Member

Previous experience – Bowling alley manager

Scout Up movie Russell

Dermot Lacey – University College Dublin Board Member

Previous experience – Scouting Ireland leader

Only in Ireland…

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5 Responses to Boardroom Blitz

  1. beyondlisbon says:

    We usually say “Only in Portugal”. Well… guess not!


    Looks like the press are going to town on this subject !!!!!

    The Taoiseach sends on a CV, I bet that has no influence at all !!!, according to his office its normal !!!

    Want a government job , send your one page CV to !!

    Keep it down to one page, a list of close palls , no job experience needed !

    Great post 🙂 🙂

    • rjmackin says:

      It’s about time this disgusting practice was highlighted by the media. There seems to be an understanding among politicians that this practice of looking after your mates is perfectly acceptable, sure hasn’t it always been that way, sure you’d do the same etc etc. The guy Dermot Lacey, who got himself onto the UCD Board, claimed all he did was send a letter to the Minister asking to be on the Board. You’d have to do more to get a job in McDonalds…. madness!

      • Absolutely!!

        FG saying that they are unhappy with the processes involved !!!

        Its not the processes its a systematic attitude as you so clearly say 🙂 🙂 🙂


        The Minister of State at the Department of the Environment has hired a director of Irish Water – the semi-State company his department oversees – as his personal driver, The Irish Times is reporting. – See more at:

        Hilary Quinlan is a former Fine Gael councillor in Waterford and was appointed to the board of Irish Water last November, where he receives an annual fee of €15,000.

        He lost his council seat in the local elections last May. He has since been hired as a ministerial driver by Paudie Coffey, the junior minister at the Department of the Environment, a job which pays €665 a week. He is also entitled to a €57,757 gratuity payment after losing his seat.

        Mr Coffey is a Fine Gael TD for Waterford. He was promoted to the junior ministerial ranks in the reshuffle last July.

        Mr Quinlan told the Irish Times: “You tell me one party out there who doesn’t look after their own. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s politics.” He asked why there isn’t more of a focus on the economy. “We were all nearly eating out of bins three years ago.”

        I wonder how many days Hilary turned up for work – as a driver ? if at all ?

  3. Dermot Lacey says:

    Perhaps you might add Chairman Board of College of Further Education for ten years, member City of Dublin Education Board ten years. Board member several other Colleges more than ten years. Parent, former Vice-President National Youth Council and I could add many more – but of course that does not fit your nasty narrative.

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