Public Holidays


The government is proposing to offer public servants extra day’s holidays in return for moving from weekly to fortnightly payment.

While we all thought that the heady days of public sector allowances, like extra leave to cash wage cheques (despite the fact that they are paid electronically) and overtime pay for staff not entitled to work overtime, were in the past, clearly that is not the case.

Most of us who work in the real world accept that if our employer decides to change how they pay us, we adapt and move on, grateful to be in continuing receipt of said pay.

Not so in the public sector. Such a fundamental change to their working conditions, which might involve having to budget or plan over 14 days rather than 7, is one that requires delicate union negotiations, inevitable concessions and even more anachronistic entitlements.

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9 Responses to Public Holidays

  1. Red Hen says:

    Public service bashing is getting old. Try something else.

    • rjmackin says:

      Obviously there are many hard-working and talented people in the public sector but stories like this don’t do the sector as a whole any favours.

      • Red Hen says:

        Oh, don’t mind me, I’m obviously in a bad mood!😞I think it’s ironic that the public sector folk have been robbed to pay for our economic blunders when it’s the collusion between the banks and developers which caused most of it.Thanks for your acceptance of my snarky comment on your blog!

      • rjmackin says:

        Lol! I think you’re right. The government have public and private sectors all blaming each other to deflect from the real culprits. But we do sometimes unfairly demonise the sector as a whole on this blog. It’s because we have a serious case of defined benefit pension jealousy!!!

  2. aj vosse says:

    GRRRRRRRR… The PS need to be bashed for all their grabbing, as you say, can’t they just get on with it in the real world!! Maybe we should be able to vote their bosses in and out as well… and any union that affiliates with the PS… the private sector would then be able to call more equitable shots!!

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