nuuking to see here . . .

I thought i wanted to go to Nuuk, but i don’t . . . i don’t want to go there at all.  I can’t explain the want i had but i knew within five minutes that i didint want to go there.  Maybe i believed that this city of vitality, surrounded by immense nature and filled with vibrant Greenlanders leading fascinating lives of old traditions, modern twists, and diverse influences was for me, but it wasint.




I just can’t picture  me and moo moo in this centre of modern Greenland, i just can’t.  Anyway, here’s a drive through Nuuk;


. . . uh! Jesper Gronkjaer was born in Nuuk, i didint know that . . .

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2 Responses to nuuking to see here . . .

  1. beautiful journey, I too traveled along with you
    with regards

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