Castletown House, Celbridge

One of Ireland’s grandest houses (actually more of a palace) and a fine example of the Georgian Palladian style.

Fortunately it didn’t go the way of Carton House – sold to investors and turned into a luxury golf resort – largely thanks to the intervention of Desmond Guinness of the Irish Georgian Society.

Best of all it’s dog friendly. Our girls were in canine paradise racing through the meadows, woodland and tree lined river banks.



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2 Responses to Castletown House, Celbridge

  1. kateskabin says:

    Loved this place until I went for a jog after work, leaving my bag and phone in car boot and everything was stolen from it – feckers hiding in the bushes 😦 My own fault really but have never gone back!

  2. aj vosse says:

    Oh for a place for the girls to run!! Fun!! 😉

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