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Dead Cat Bounce

Spectacular cat jumping fails. Advertisements

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The peasants are revolting

Media commentators in Ireland and overseas are collectively scratching their heads about why Irish people have peremptorily started protesting, at a time when austerity is almost at an end and the Irish economy is showing early signs of growth. After … Continue reading

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The fruits of failure

Those culpable for the Irish banking crisis and subsequent economic collapse may never be formally identified or brought to justice. With the promised banking enquiry yet to materialise, it’s almost inevitable that the most we can expect in this country … Continue reading

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Terenure Tragedy

Terenure is a sleeply suburb in south Dublin that developed around what was a small rural village. Up until the 1940s local businesses thrived there, helped by the trams that passed through its centre. In recent years many small shops … Continue reading

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The Last Post

II  The end of Cromwell opened out into the Downville estate.  The barking of dogs hovered in the air and the autumn chill took occasional nips at Mike’s ears.  The high-rise flats cast a shadow over the terraced housing and … Continue reading

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The Last Post

I The stillness of the dawn amplified the few signs of waking on the quiet street.  The glow of a solitary bedside lamp burned bright against the murk, and behind the dimpled glass of a front door a distorted figure … Continue reading

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John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014

Normally I’m a sucker for the in-your-face sentimentalism of these ads but this year’s offering just isn’t doing it for me…. that said, I think I want a penguin…

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