Terenure Tragedy

Aldi site Terenure Village

Terenure is a sleeply suburb in south Dublin that developed around what was a small rural village.

Up until the 1940s local businesses thrived there, helped by the trams that passed through its centre.

Terenure village 1940

In recent years many small shops and businesses in the village have been forced to close and with the trams long gone, the area has become a congestion black spot, reviled and if possible avoided, by daily commuters.

Terenure should be an idyllic suburban village with quirky boutiques, gourmet restaurants and artisan food shops, like the wonderful bakery Eaton’s, which closed its door in the early noughties, and was supplanted by a take away restaurant.

eatons terenure1

Instead it has been taken over by, not one, but two German discounters engaged in an aggressive campaign of expansion.

Why a village the size of Terenure, with chronic traffic problems, needed even one giant grocery retailer is anyone’s guess but that the planners saw fit to grant permission to two within a stone’s throw of each other is an absolute travesty.

To make matters worse, a quaint historic public toilet building was summarily demolished to make space for the Aldi store.


It breaks my heart to see what Terenure has become. It should be incumbent on our planners to protect our local villages. Their decisions should be designed to preserve them as vibrant local communities not to turn them into profit engines for German retail giants.



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3 Responses to Terenure Tragedy

  1. aj vosse says:

    Yes… I fear for much that was old and good! The German stores serve a purpose but not at the expense of the destruction of historic Ireland!

    • rjmackin says:

      Not that I would argue for preservation for its own sake. Makes me laugh that people are now talking about preserving the likes of liberty hall as shining examples of 20th century modernism! And I’m all for the Germans but they should be sited in large retail complexes or industrial parks!

      • aj vosse says:

        I’m with you! Blow up THAT place and build a high-rise German conglomerate in it’s place!! 😉 That will pay homage to our new rulers? 😛

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