The Dean Hotel, Harcourt Street Dublin

The newest hipster kid on the block in Dublin is the recently opened Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street, sharing the strip with established institutions like Krystle, Coppers and Dicey’s Garden.

It’s altogether a classier proposition, however, and its best feature has to be the stylish rooftop bar and restaurant – Sophie’s.

Presiding over the fifth floor of the Georgian terrace it has glass walls on three sides with incredible views across the Dublin skyline.

We just popped in for a drink and the bar has a fantastic buzzy vibe.

The kitchen has an open feel and while we didn’t stay for dinner, the menu looked fairly basic – a good mix of pizzas and pastas. They also boasted an impressive cocktail list.

The entire building has been renovated with flair and there is real attention to detail – from the swings (yes swings!) in the lift lobby to the heated smoking area outside the restaurant.

Get there before the beautiful people claim it!

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7 Responses to The Dean Hotel, Harcourt Street Dublin

  1. Ger says:

    Nice bit of intel. You guys are always good at sniffing out the good places. Must check it out over the Christmas!

  2. susanlanigan says:

    Love that pic of you on the swing 🙂

  3. aj vosse says:

    You are the Beautiful People!! 😉

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