The good life

private yacht

I guess the Irish Independent wasn’t wrong in proclaiming the return of the Good Times in Ireland (at least for some of us).

Today we hear that over the past three years our TDs and senators have pocketed a cool €100 million in pay and expenses between them.

That’s an average of €144,277 per elected representative per year and significantly more in some cases since 75 TD’s earned over €500,000 in the past 3 years.

Fine Gael’s Sean Barrett tops the noxious pile at €219,401 a year but is closely followed by Michael Kitt, Ciaran Lynch and Gerry Adams.

Not bad considering the Dáil and Seanad only sit for just over 100 days a year.

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20 Responses to The good life

  1. Ger says:

    This is very depressing stuff for a dark January evening. All the more so because it’s true and highlights how the state wastes revenue from excessive taxes.

    So… do you guys know any good jokes?

  2. Great jobs for teachers who never taught, eh?

  3. aj vosse says:

    Forget what I said about the commonality of pimps and politicians… I’m definitely now considering a good long run in the Dáil!

    I wonder if they’d have a principled, God fearing capitalist get-of-yer-arse and do it for yourself anti socialist on those unhallowed benches? May be a good anecdote to the likes of Gerry and Lucinda… and a few more! 😉

  4. mudpilewood says:

    Do they work at all? I hate to say it but we, the Irish people are a pack of gombeens, we all give out about it but it is our money and they, at the end of the day are supposed to be working for us.
    On a more serious note you feel for them – the stress of working four months of the year must be tremendous.

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