Spend a penny

public toilet kildare county council

Today we learn that Kildare County Council has spent €3 million maintaining 4 public toilets. The automated toilets which cost 50c a go are used by an average of just 350 people a month and generate a total of €115 in revenue, despite costing €37,000 per toilet to maintain. It seems the public are reluctant to use the high tech loos, located on the main streets of Kildare, Newbridge, Athy and Naas, due to fears of the door opening at an inopportune moment!

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5 Responses to Spend a penny

  1. mememe2u says:

    Pissing money down the drain…

  2. But… They look like a black-painted an bruscar bin! We still had a few of those in town until recently… And if I’m paying 50cent, I’m dropping a deuce of my own! And then suing the shit out of everyone if the door opens. What happened to people’s sense of entitlement?

  3. rjmackin says:

    I think they look like the Tardis… you never know where they might take you!!!

  4. aj vosse says:

    Now that would put a new twirl on public ablutions! 😉

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