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Katherine Zappone Room to Improve

In a series of recent investigations, the Sunday Times exposed how our elected representatives are effectively defrauding the Irish taxpayers and getting away with it.

Last week we read that Anne Ferris (Labour) claimed an extra €16,000 in travel expenses, despite not having changed address. By travel expenses, I mean the cash that TDs and Senators get paid for getting themselves to work.

I would be delighted if my employer paid me for getting to the office and indexed the payment to the distance travelled. I would relocate to Kerry or Donegal and double my salary!

So back to Anne Ferris who resides in Bray, which entitles her to an allowance of €9,000 based on the distance between Bray and Leinster House.

However this year, Anne claimed she was entitled to an additional €16,295 because her commuting distance had increased by 5km. This was due to the fact that she chose to take a longer route into town which put her into a different allowance band.

Travel distances are self-assessed by TDs and not independently audited, so the country duly coughed up the extra sixteen grand.

Yesterday we learned that Senator Katherine Zappone is pulling the same stunt. Her commute from Brittas to Leinster house is a distance of 21k, however she claims it as 25k which entitles her to an annual allowance of €20,795. That’s €15,545 more than the allowance she should receive based on the location of her place of residence.

That’s one hell of a lucrative detour!

Interestingly, Senator Zappone appeared on RTE’s home renovations show Room to Improve last year, where she and her partner renovated a rustic forest dwelling they had recently purchased. Nice to know that the taxpayer effectively footed the bill for that piece of work.

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12 Responses to Does not commute

    • rjmackin says:

      Yeah. None of these stories really surprise anymore. But zappone always styled herself as outside dirty politics so interesting to see she’s just as bad given the opportunity.

  1. I can’t even with this shit anymore. What the fuck, man? This isn’t America where there are so damn many politicians no one can keep track. This is tiny-ass Ireland where they already charge me twice for a car, tax me for crappy television that HAS ADVERTS, and charge me for the pleasure of having a credit card! Where I can post a letter to the U.S. and it doesn’t show up years later, where I pay for water and then they want more besides… While wasting our money on these fools who already had to be rich to ever run for office. Seriously, look into what it costs to even RUN. Ffs. I love this place but why do we allow ourselves to be financially raped?

  2. aj vosse says:

    There’s only one way to name a spade a shovel!! CROOKS!!!!

    I’m rather fortunate that I can claim back my monthly train commute.€116 per month sounds about fair… maybe they should be allowed the equivalent of their monthly train fairs!!!

    Rip off artists!!!

  3. Margaret says:

    Zappone goes on about EQUALITY. Now she is a TD will she look for travel equality for all workers not just political workers?! The officials who paid herself and Ferris the extra cash should be fired. If you take a longer route (if the two women actually do that is) that is THEIR decision and the taxpayer should not have to pay up.

    • rjmackin says:

      Exactly! Maybe we should all be paid for getting ourselves to work! It’s not like they actually work that many days anyway, what with the dail summer break and all that!

      • Margaret says:

        I read the articles in the Sunday Times. The two women claimed they took the longer route (the scenic route as the ST so beautifully put it) to avoid traffic congestion and roadworks so as to get to work more quickly. Now our politicians don’t start at 9am when avoiding rush hour congestion might just be an issue; their worse case scenario is a committee meeting starting at 10.30am; more normally a dail session starting at 2 pm! Now the Dail accounting staff would know that so why did they just accept their request to have the higher travel rate?

      • rjmackin says:

        According to our research mileage claims aren’t audited. A quick search on google maps or AA route planner would give you the actual distance between the TD’s residence and the dail but I guess that might be too taxing. Easier just to approve everything!

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