“I drink to make other people more interesting.” Ernest Hemingway


I like to drink and i like to smoke although i can only enjoy the latter either inna boozer or in our home and i guess the future tells me that soon enough the practice of smoking at home will be outlawed . . . because of the children no doubt and i’ll have nowhere to indjoy mah yellows, in fact if Avril Doyle (the zealot) has her way, ittilbee banned by 2025, and where do we go from here? well . . . we ban booze of course!

The seed has already been planted. Not content with limiting our personal responsibility regarding smoking (as we’re aware it ain’t a personal choice, it’s damn BIG tobacco and their brainwashing . . . of children) they now wish to limit our responsibility toward drinking, itz outta control! well eyem gonna play my part with a cuppla solutions and they ain’t gud’uns:

1:    those on welfare to be given food stamps . . . for food, not fags, not booze . . . for food

2:   minors caught with alcohol or found drunk will NOT be punished, their parents will be liable with €100 fines

3:   pissing in public to be enforced with €50 on the spot fines

4:   proper Garda enforcing of public drunkenness with €100 on the spot fines

5:  harsher punishments for those in court due to alcohol related incidents


. . . and thatz all thatz needed.  Out of control drinking solved.


eyem fookin’ good . . . i think?

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One Response to “I drink to make other people more interesting.” Ernest Hemingway

  1. Ger says:

    Absolut(ely) agree with that. In particular #1

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