“Country music, bonfires, lakes, and summer flings. I cannot wait ’til summer, i live for those things”

“babee, do yah wanna walk the mountain later this morning?”

“nah, i wanna see the lake behind the BIG house, out by Nobber. whatz it cawled . . ?”

“i dunno . . . white chapel or something like that, i think? eyem not sure, Eugene’d know. . . EUGENE!”






“itz cawled whitewood. are you sure yah wanna go there, i mean itz justa lake?”

“it’d be fun, maybe Eugene’d join us . . . with Max”

“i don’t think heel go”

* * *

He didint wanna go, he just said; “no, no, no, eyem not going to no fuckin lake” and i looked at my mother as Eugene left the house to smoke, and she smiled an embarrassed smile at moo moo, and left the living room to speak with him and returned shortly afterwards and told us heed go.

“eyem taking Max, and eyem driving your car” said Gonzo and that was that, we was going to the lake, which wasint much; just a lake by a littered carpark,

Whitewood Lake, Kilmainhamwood, Co.Meath

. . . with some reeds and cold looking water,

Whitewood Lake, Kilmainhamwood, Co.Meath

. . . that separated us from the rear of the BIG house, which we cuddint really see,Whitewood Lake, Kilmainhamwood, Co.Meath

. . . so we left, agreeing weed take a drink in one of Kilmainhamwood’s two bars, Keogans Bar, Kilmainhamwood, Co.Meath

Keoghans, or,

McKennas Bar, Kilmainhamwood, Co.Meath


. . . and we decided on McKennas because, as far as we were aware they hadda pool table . . . anda jukebox, so . . . we went in and drank two pints each and then returned to the car where Max had patiently waited, and Gonzo drove us home to Kingscourt,

Kingscourt, Co.Cavan

. . . where we drank more beer in the Blocks ALL day, returning to mother inna desperate state much later that day, and it wazza good day, a grand day out.


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