Airing our dirty laundry

I’d like to think I’m fairly laid back when it comes to housekeeping… I happily cram clothes into closets and shove things under the bed… as long as I can’t see them, it’s tidy, right???

J Mac has a slightly different approach. If it falls on the floor it stays there until wifey trips over it enough times to pick it up and shove it in a closet or under the bed.

Sometimes I think it’s a type of game, like a treasure hunt, where he leaves little love offering around the house for me to find…

Here’s the treasure I discovered today…

dirty clothes on floor beside bed

The trick is if they’re on his side of the bed I can’t see them…

clothes pile on chair

What’s a chair for if not to hold dirty clothes?

clothes on landing

Nice… underpants crotch side up…

laundry on sofa

Spare bedroom… I think these might actually be clean…

dirty clothes on bed

Other spare bedroom that is in fact J’s walk in wardrobe.

shoes on floor

Seriously the guy has more shoes than I do…

random sock on floor

Forlorn single sock inside the front door…

Pyjamas on chair

Pyjamas in the kitchen… no clue how they got there…

boots under table

Shy pair of boots lurking under the coffee table…

dirty clothes pile on dining room chair

Another neatly folded pile languishing on a dining room chair…

dirty socks on kitchen shelf

And finally the piece de resistance… another pair of socks tucked away in a bowl in the kitchen… I get extra points for finding this one…

Seriously, is it a guy thing?

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9 Responses to Airing our dirty laundry

  1. Dirty socks on the shelf in the kitchen? You both must have been really good at hide-and-seek as kids!
    Funny, our spare room is also hubby’s walk-in closet, and is horrible! He also has way, way more shoes than I and they are everywhere. I’m the one guilty of having a ‘chairdrobe’ in our bedroom, and neither of us manages to get laundry IN the hamper most days. Near is good enough! Maybe it’s an Irish Guy Thing?

  2. RoSy says:

    I’ve been told that sometimes clothes walk on their own & make their way to where they shouldn’t be. 😉

  3. aj vosse says:

    No… can’t only be Irish Mammy’s! I’m a Saffer and my side of the room looks the same… chairs are made for receiving draped dirty laundry… the floor under the bed needs to be coated with dust bunnies and wrong way round balled socks! All good, dirty fun!! 🙄

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