Resistance is futile . . .


. . . i don’t buy Una Mullaly, the high priest of permissiveness and i don’t buy her continuous acts of political partisanship.  I find her ugly . . . on the inside, a harpy whose nest is nurtured near the nerve centre of opinion in the Free State, and i find her beliefs in the unbelievable both damaging and pernicious.

Her misandry is one thing but her belief in the collective goals of progressivism, another, as not all will follow the hive mind set and a desire that we all sing from her hymn sheet which only caters to an atomised Ireland and a society that continuously competes with each other.

What i buy is a country that is One, happy with itself and others and i believe that for the majority of us this ideal idea did exist in the not to distant past but we now find ourselves near the barricades of a culture war created by Mullaly’s ancestors sometime in the Sixties . . .

“The idea of cultural relativism is nothing but an excuse to violate human rights”

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