Bogus Bonus

Irish Water protest, Dublin, Merrion Square

When is a bonus not a bonus? When it’s an Irish Water bonus of course!

Some SIPTU trade union goon was on the radio the other day trying to justify demands that staff at Irish Water, the most reviled Irish utility company in history, be paid “Performance Related Awards”. He went to great lengths to avoid uttering the hated “B” word but I struggle to see the difference.

Irish Water, in its relatively short incarnation, has successfully alienated the entire Irish public, incorrectly billed thousands, failed spectacularly to meet compliance targets and over-spent on meter installations.

Despite this comedy of underperformance, staff members think they are entitled to bonuses.

Good luck with winning the public sympathy battle!

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10 Responses to Bogus Bonus

  1. Nothing I have to say about the water fiasco could be aired on US television. Funny thing is – we got a bill. In MY name. My name isn’t on the house title. Must wonder where they are getting their information from…
    Nope, not paying it.

  2. aj vosse says:

    Oh how I love the following few words… Some SIPTU trade union goon!!!

    The goons and the boards!! All symptomatic of dear rip-off Ireland!! 😦

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