five days in the kitchen . . .

. . . and this is them all together in the dynasty room

i bought Metamorphosis years ago when i went out with the girl from Clondalkin and we lived in Knocklyon with the Hungarian doctor from Hungary and my favourite song from the album was “I Don’t Know Why” which was a Stones cover offa Stevie Wonder song and late at night as eyed return home drunk eyed play that song LOUD and wake Csaba who’d join me and the current girl in the living room as we’d smoke and drink and talk . . . and talk . . . and in the morning eyed call in depressed and take the week off work as me and the girl would spend the days slowly drifting apart until sheed be replaced the following Friday night by a new one and the cycle of growing up would continue.

i liked that album alott and returned to it recently as i agreed with mah best man, The Arab, that weed exchange mix tapes, although they aint called mix tapes no more, they’re now known as mix sticks, and the song that would open my mix stick was “Out of Time”, Song Number 1 on Metamorphosis although the version i used was by a guy called Chris Farlowe and itz the one i prefer;

and now! 2 days later after startin with Chris, eyem delighted with myself as i finally finished the fookin’ stick after 5 fookin’ attempts and a lot of needless money spent on C.R.A.P. in the belief that these songs would fill the gaps of the tracks on mix stick Number One, which will be posted to The Arab come Monday . . .

I’d Rather Be With The Boys; Melody; Black Venom; We Could Be So Good Together; Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear; Honey Pie; If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Gotta Stay All Night); Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress); Miss Ann; Lazy Days; Guilty As Charged; Poet, Fool Or Bum; Dream Baby (How Must Long Must I Dream); Mr. Bumble . . .

. . . and Moo Moo sighs some sound of relief from the boredom of having to endure THE BEST MIX TAPE forward slash STICK, EVER! for the past 5 days

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2 Responses to five days in the kitchen . . .

  1. aj vosse says:

    Now eye’ms head is rekked!! 😉

  2. Hey, its Mr. Ahr Rab to you, madra donn.

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