Solomon’s Choice

female beagles, sofa

Some not so good news from Mac Towers.

Yesterday our two girls, Delaney and Bonnie had a pretty bad fight.

It started over nothing much but ended up with both of them badly hurt with deep cuts and lacerations.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened but it’s the worse one yet. Delaney has been kept overnight in the vet and Bonnie is sporting the cone of shame.

It’s looking like we will have to rehome one of the two dogs as the vet has advised it will happen again.

The worst part is that they normally get on really well together and are very submissive around other dogs and small children.

If anyone has any experience with two female dogs fighting or advice on what to do, please get in touch.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic of the two girls from a happier time.

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4 Responses to Solomon’s Choice

  1. Samantha says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that your pups were fighting. Hopefully things get better and they heal quickly.
    I have two male beagles that get along fine most of the time. We find that exercising them and taking them for walks daily stops them from fighting. I’m not sure what the difference is in the dynamic of male vs. female though. I hope you find a solutions soon though.
    Best of luck!

    • rjmackin says:

      Yes! Having a beagle certainly keeps you fit. Ours get daily and sometimes twice daily runs. They are the best of friends most of the time but occasionally really tear into each other. Usually it’s a row over food, as they are very territorial about their food. We are going to give it another go and monitor them carefully but they are both very badly injured so we can’t let it happen again…

  2. RoSy says:

    Oh dear.
    I only have one pooch.
    I have my niece pooch staying over for just over a week. Yesterday was a first day with the two pooches together at my house. My Fenway – wasn’t having it. He was claiming his castle. My niece – Lola – knew her place almost immediately. But – Fenway kept trying to bully her. Today is a much better day. They seem to do well as long as they are being monitored. So – if we have to go out – we put Lola in her crate. I would feel awful if something happened to her while not home.
    Hope you can figure a way or find a way so that they get along better.
    Rootin’ for the pooches! 😉

    • rjmackin says:

      Thanks RoSy. We still have both of them and so far so good but like you we monitor them closely for any potential triggers, especially food or other dogs. Hard work but worth it!! Hope Lola and Fenway kiss and make up! Probably better that one is clearly dominant.

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