ekhm! . . . the dog days are over . . .

what did we do wrong? . .

. . . is what eyem asking myself these days as we contemplate the loss of Delaney to another family on the far side of the city, who may love her, and cherish her . . . and exercise her or who may allow her to get fat.

i know the sensible thing to do is; get rid of the Bitch, causer of fights so savage, she turned our hopes of lucrative contracts with dog modelling agencies, to despairs of financial ruin. I know that life may be better, both for herself and her saintly sister, Bonnie, and yet eyel miss her, eyel miss her mischief and eyem sure eyel cry over her . . .


i remember the Sunday afternoon i first saw her, hiding behind a bag of dry cement as her sister played for a home with Moo Moo, and right there i thought; thatz mah dogg.  And she is my dog, the bond i have with her is strong and she recognises me as her master and now within the space of two weeks i must decide whether to leave her with a family from Blanch.  I dunno what to do . . .

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3 Responses to ekhm! . . . the dog days are over . . .

  1. I don’t know. I’ve only ever had one dog at a time. But I know someone who has two Jack Russels and an English Terrier. One Jack and one bulldog got into a fight – and she lost the end of her finger. Never found it.
    She still has the whole pack… I think your hard decision might be more sane and healthy for all than you think right now.
    And dude? Cry over her. She’s family.

    • rjmackin says:

      We’re thinkinna keepin’ the 2, and hoping for the best, fingers will be crossed constantly! Believe me mah Delaney is the best dog andeyed be heart broken without her.

  2. RoSy says:

    And – I’m with heretherebespiders. Pooches are family.

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