It’s not easy being Green . . .

The Green Party is a sham, a charade, a party of charlatans who spout platitudes to the unbelievers, urging them to buy into their principles and believe me, The Green Party have none.   A group who “recognise and celebrate our interdependence with other species“, and an association who “oppose the destructive processes which are destroying our planet“, is something to admire, but when it comes to the nitty gritty, The Green Party leave their doctrine at the door.  Their basic philosophy establishes; “The impact of society on the environment should not be ecologically disruptive“, and that “we have the responsibility to pass the Earth on to our successors in a fit and healthy state“. . . TOSH, that is; The Greens are like any other political party in that they believe in power and how to attain it; either locally or nationally.

The Green Party and their watermelon class colleagues, who say one thing at the front door and something else at the back, are in favour of destroying green spaces in areas they believe to be “middle class”. Sinn Fein “The Peoples Party” whose beliefs in abstracts such as community, are in fact actively seeking to undermine “an important voice in Irish society” by implementing measures that directly affect those they wish to court.

* * * * *

The drive to establish secular Educate Together schools in Ireland has shifted a gear and if we are to believe The Irish Times, the demand for non denominational schools in Ireland outstrips supply, however, i believe this reporting to be political and not factual.  It is clear, that in the Firhouse area there is considerable opposition to the imposition of schools which will be built on green space in order to facilitate a doctrine of inclusivity, a concept that should and does exist presently within those schools that are Catholic, and to suggest otherwise is a misrepresentation of an ethos which has existed in Ireland for over a millennia.

The destruction of our landscape is not a preserve of ‘the Right’, i would argue that the destruction of our outlook has been perpetrated by ‘the Left’, be it in our urban scenery or our country prospect and this railroading of their monument to “learning” in South County Dublin is just another example of the authoritarian streak existing within the polarizing attitude of liberalism.

But acquiescence does not equal support – wherever new schools are being established, at primary or secondary level, the level of desire among local parents for non-religious education becomes very clear – as evidenced by the preponderance of school start-up groups around Ireland aligned with Educate Together“. Ivana Bacik, The Irish Times

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2 Responses to It’s not easy being Green . . .

  1. Lucy Weir says:

    I don’t suppose you want to discuss this, do you. I mean, you’ve made your mind up. Watermelons, for instance. Do you want to talk about what is generally understood by that term?

    • rjmackin says:

      Is it not a fact that your candidate in Dublin south west supported the disposal of green space in the firhouse area by SDCC, land that was zoned as public amenity, for building?

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