A lot of hot eir

eircom logo  eir logo

One of the most significant rebranding exercises of recent times is the transformation of the indigenous telcommunications behemoth eircom to eir.

The former state owned company started life as Post & Telegraphs and latterly Telecom Eireann before reinventing themselves for the dot com age.

Now in a bid to chase the lucrative quad play market, they have unveiled their new corporate identity.

At an estimated cost of €16 million, branding experts Moving Brands earned their sizable fee by dropping three letters from the brand name.

That’s over €5 million a letter!

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3 Responses to A lot of hot eir

  1. mememe2u says:

    Moving Brands charged Cunard a discounted €8m when they bought a majority in Aer Lingus and MB rebranded them as CunaLingus…

  2. aj vosse says:

    I’ll drop five letters for five mill!! 😉

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