Lion Eyes

lion bar

I used to like Leo Varadkar. Back in the day when he challenged received wisdom, showed little tolerance for the flagrant excess of the public sector and gave away free Lion Bars when canvassing on the door steps of Dublin West.

But now he’s out of the closet, taking part in triathlons (boxers, not speedos in case anyone’s interested) and making a political career for himself by taking all the fun out of life.

First for the chop was tasty grub – I’m talking fast food, sweet treats, creamy desserts – the good stuff (I’m guessing that includes Lion Bars).

Now, he’s gone too far. He’s messing with our booze.

Goddamit, it’s an Irishman’s inalienable right to gorge himself on reasonably priced cheap plonk if he so desires. But no, says our saviour Leo. You shall only do so at exorbitant expense. A minimum of €9 for a bottle of vino, and €2 per can of Dutch Gold. Perish the thought. That’s a rite of passage for an entire generation obliterated in one fell swoop.

During the summer, myself and J Mac took a little trip to the Costa del Retired Irish Drug Dealers and were excessively diverted by the fact we could buy a bottle of Los Molinos for €2.40. The same bottle in our local SuperValu costs over €10.

So the Irish government is already ripping us off to the tune of around €7 per bottle, which also makes a mockery of their argument about over-consumption being indexed to price.

We have posted many times before on the terrifying spectre of the nanny state in this country but this really takes the biscuit. It won’t be long until all forms of alcohol consumption will carry a severe social stigma and the lycra-clad, Irish Times reading, tri-athlon running, quinoa eating masses will condemn anyone who engages in such a boorish, destructive past-time.

Since we love to hold Scandinavia up as a shining beacon of civility and justice, it won’t be long before our beloved booze is displayed behind glass counters with rigid purchase quotas.

But don’t you know it’s for our own good. We’re just too stupid (or intoxicated) to realise it.

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One Response to Lion Eyes

  1. aj vosse says:

    Good to see the lone voice in the wilderness is still as good as ever!! I’ve given up trying to speak out at injustice… I’m a blow-in… no one wants to listen. Those who do hold my words against me in judgement… 🙄

    The lion whimpers…

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