Alt right now, baby it’s alt right now.


Yesterday the world tipped on its axis.

The Irish Times, the self-styled paper of record, the propaganda machine of the liberal compassionati in Ireland, strayed from the party line and had the audacity to publish a relatively anodyne article from an unknown contributor Nicholas Pell, a lexicon of the Alt-Right.

This piece was ostensibly intended to elucidate the sinister subterranean phenomenon behind Brexit and the ascension of Donald Trump.

Instead it provoked a tsunami of outrage and much wringing of hands on the part of the Liberal plutocracy.

They felt betrayed. They felt threatened. They felt righteous anger. They threatened to boycott the paper. Ironically, if the numbers who claimed they would no longer purchase the paper in print or digital form were actually doing so, the publication would not now be facing extinction!

Immediately, the backtracking commenced. The paper issued half-hearted justifications for the article and offered up a hapless opinion editor to try and explain their rationale. Una Mulally, their trenchant attack dog (and a perennial favourite of this blog) broke ranks and vehemently condemned the piece (somehow entirely distancing herself from the publication that pays her generous wages).

This was closely followed by Amnesty International’s Man for all Causes, Colm O’Gorman who appeared on national radio spewing righteous indignation and more outrage. Amusingly his biggest concern was that the article’s definition of “snowflake” was inaccurate.

So what did we learn from this shit-storm in a champagne flute?

Firstly, the Liberal Left’s dominance of Irish media is so absolute that even such a minor deviation from the prevailing narrative is unconscionable.

Secondly, it’s clear that there is no appetite for meaningful debate in Irish life. O’Gorman conceded that he would welcome an informed opinion piece on the Alt-Right but only if it was scripted by a bona-fide Liberal who painted them as the villains they manifestly are.

Thirdly,  nothing is funnier than watching the mouthpiece of the Liberal Left having to defend against accusations of fascism, racism and hate crimes.

The Indo’s Ian O’Doherty put it best “Let’s be honest, the idea of @IrishTimes being boycotted because of its racist alt-right pieces is, by any measure, fucking hilarious”.






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5 Responses to Alt right now, baby it’s alt right now.

  1. aj vosse says:

    Oh my golly gosh, I have so missed your posts!!! Seems I’m not the only one in the northern hemisphere OK with the idea of Brexit opportunities or a Republican in the White House. Then, I am a blow-in from that land where discrimination supposedly had it’s vile origins!
    I have been threatening to do a post titled;
    “What if JFK was born Republican – the Effect on the Irish Psyche in the 21st Century?”
    I wonder!

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