March Madness


It’s been hailed as a triumph of democracy, but we have to wonder how worldwide demonstrations against a democratically elected President, who has just taken office can indeed be deemed anything but sour grapes by a bunch of sore losers.

And further why, if they felt so strongly on the matter,they didn’t express their views at, that ultimate embodiment of democracy, the ballot box?

One could also question the endgame of these high profile protest marches.

Are they an indictment of an elected official who has yet to do anything substantive?

Or are they just the tiresome bleetings of the perennially offended?

Their tendentious rhetoric about unity belies the sinister purpose behind these marches, which is to undermine the democratic process and perpetuate division in a society that has already made its choice.

The reality is that the marches were instigated by a concatenation of self-righteous interest groups as diverse as Pro-Abortion, Amnesty, Socialism, Anti-Water Charges, Gay Rights, Hollywood elites, Militant Feminism and common-or-garden Anarchism.

Get over it guys. You lost. And your priggish, sanctimonious and ultimately fatuous protesting just goes to illustrate precisely why that happened.


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One Response to March Madness

  1. aj vosse says:

    Hear hear!!!
    It’s really a sad world we live in when only one type of democracy is seen a fit for all! The pigheaded leftist fools need a rocket… you know where!

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