“i once wanted to become an atheist, but i gave up, they have no holidays”

itz nice to holiday and itz nice to leave your country and itz especially nice to leave Ireland come July. The weather here can be ‘iffy’ and come the summer one is bored with the cultural war waged on our past through the medium of print, radio, television and social media …

itzza drag, man …

so … itz nice to get away

and we got away …

to Itlee, we went Puglia …

again …

and ittwaz wonderful …

again …


… leaving onna Monday with weather so fine, we felt cheated, as we’d paid RyanAir & Airb’n’b for a guaranteed week of sunnie days and clear nights, but listening to Ireland’s Own Radio Moscow earlie that morning, our forecaster told us of two days of warmth and blue skies in Dublin, days where one could see the yellow disc of comfort cross our translucent ceiling of heaven and we were …

DAMN! we shuddah flown Wednesday!


… but we cuddint as thanks to our Low Fares Airline we had to fly that day and it was gonna be one long journey travelling to Southern Itlee …

so it was …





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2 Responses to “i once wanted to become an atheist, but i gave up, they have no holidays”

  1. aj vosse says:

    Atheists, Radio Moscow… cultural wars! Yes… with all that carry-on I could also do with a holiday! A loooonnnggg one in a faraway place will do just fine!!! Aren’t you also just sick of all leftist bullshite the media is ramming down our throats?? :/

    • rjmackin says:

      Starting to feel a lot like fascism. Got a taste of it during the week with the snowflakes’ outrage over our bank of Ireland twitter post. The perennially offended hegemony of the alt left!!

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