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A lot of hot eir

   One of the most significant rebranding exercises of recent times is the transformation of the indigenous telcommunications behemoth eircom to eir. The former state owned company started life as Post & Telegraphs and latterly Telecom Eireann before reinventing themselves … Continue reading

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Power play

Paddy Power’s latest guerilla campaign…. marketing genius or bad taste? You decide!

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John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014

Normally I’m a sucker for the in-your-face sentimentalism of these ads but this year’s offering just isn’t doing it for me…. that said, I think I want a penguin…

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Ads I wish I’d made #4

Complex message communicated in a really simple way with understated acting.  Nice work.

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Wright so . . .

We met this coming Sunday five years ago inna bar on Dame Street formerly known as Le Cirque. Herself and her gurlfriend tried badly to order a cheeseboard, butt the advantage was not theirs until! Brown Dogg entered and with … Continue reading

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itz abowt three in the afternoon and the mucus thataz taken hold ammah nose hasint left yet, and eyev tried not to complain, but Hell! i kant breathe through mah nose! and itz annoyin’ the shit outta me, so i busy mahself … Continue reading

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“The sooner you accept the fact that you are a deluded idiot who is always out of step with reality the better off you will be.”

  May 10th 1975, different time, different place . . .

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Game of drones

Spring is here and new life has sprouted with alarming fecundity on lampposts around the country. Yes, it’s election season. What struck me driving home past the identikit posters exhorting me to Vote number 1, for Ireland, for jobs, for … Continue reading

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Where would we be without Safefood? The quango was originally established to raise awareness of food hygiene and nutrition but they have broadened their remit over time and have proven to be true defenders of the nation. These noble crusaders … Continue reading

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The Odd Couple – Adorable Budweiser ad

First John Lewis brought us Bear & Hare and now this…. <sniff>

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