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“I remember every little thing as if it happened yesterday … “

Frustration. Frustration of living in a country where the sun is a hot commodity (pun intended), and those days are taken advantage of by the entire Irish population. Everyone emerges, to find a nice piece of grass or make a … Continue reading

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It is harder to fight against pleasure than against anger.

“. . . There’s a battle outside and it’s ragin’, it’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, For the Times they are a’Changin . . . ” . . . wrote Blind Boy Grunt sometime in Autumn sixtie … Continue reading

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Bogus Bonus

When is a bonus not a bonus? When it’s an Irish Water bonus of course! Some SIPTU trade union goon was on the radio the other day trying to justify demands that staff at Irish Water, the most reviled Irish … Continue reading

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Repossession is nine tenths of the law

There hasn’t been much media coverage of the 1000 or so ordinary Irish families who lost their houses to repossession last year. But spare a thought for the O’Donnell family who have been fighting an eviction order from their €30m … Continue reading

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We’re back, baby…

Well it’s official. Austerity is over… at least for the staff and friends at the Sindo who took obvious pleasure in announcing the return of their lavish Christmas Bash… Time to party like it’s 2006! Bit tasteless in a week … Continue reading

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Champagne capitalism

Michael Noonan’s pronouncement that some Irish people earning €70,000 are also struggling financially was met with vitriol and derision by the majority of commentators on the How dare he suggest that this cosseted and entitled elite may have been … Continue reading

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The peasants are revolting

Media commentators in Ireland and overseas are collectively scratching their heads about why Irish people have peremptorily started protesting, at a time when austerity is almost at an end and the Irish economy is showing early signs of growth. After … Continue reading

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The fruits of failure

Those culpable for the Irish banking crisis and subsequent economic collapse may never be formally identified or brought to justice. With the promised banking enquiry yet to materialise, it’s almost inevitable that the most we can expect in this country … Continue reading

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The Great Pensions Robbery

Private pension funds today woke up to find they were victims of an audacious theft. Overnight they had been robbed of over €700 million. The perpetrators were known to the victims. In fact they were the Irish government. Since its … Continue reading

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A new departure

Fine Gael came to power in 2011, capitalising on the greatest economic collapse this country had ever experienced. Their manifesto promised a new type of politics, a radical new departure, and an end to the corruption, cronyism and collusion that … Continue reading

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