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“Death was in the atmosphere. Only the yellow weeds in the meadow were excited by living.”

“Oh to be in Doonaree, with the sweetheart I once knew To stroll in the shade of the leafy glade where the rhododendrons grew To sit with my love on the bridge above, the rippling waterfall To go back home, … Continue reading

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School for Scandal

It must be election time. Our public representatives are all scrambling to issue the usual specious promises about schools, roads and manna from heaven. And all in spite of, or contrary to, the actual wishes of those the purport to … Continue reading

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“There won’t be time to share our love, for we must say goodbye”

Azza child i would wake late in the night and childishly stumble the corridor to my parents room at the front of the flat (azza child an apartment was called a flat) and sleep between them in their warm bed … Continue reading

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Terenure Tragedy

Terenure is a sleeply suburb in south Dublin that developed around what was a small rural village. Up until the 1940s local businesses thrived there, helped by the trams that passed through its centre. In recent years many small shops … Continue reading

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Our Belle Isle, Co. Fermanagh

both moo moo and eye blue the holiday budget earlier in the year by going to old Noo Yorc and cramming twelve days into 6 which broke us physically, financially and spiritually and left us with no other foreign holiday … Continue reading

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This land is mine

For anyone like us who’s having trouble understanding the history behind the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, this explains everything…

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“The sooner you accept the fact that you are a deluded idiot who is always out of step with reality the better off you will be.”

  May 10th 1975, different time, different place . . .

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# 13 ) Daniel Defoe wazzan English trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer, and spy, best known for Robinson Crusoe; “Pleasure is a thief to business.”

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Today is Boring. Drag Queens, Rent Boys, Pick Pockets, Junkies, Rockstars and Punk

Came across Lee ‘Black’ Childers obit earlier today, R.I.P. buddie

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hirsutes you sir . . .

Last week wifey typed about Peruke & Periwig and how coole and hipp it was, but she never typed about our pal Ed from Carlow, with the beard, hoy! and that he is a Guinness World Record holder, although the record he … Continue reading

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