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An open letter to Mr Dyson, inventor/household appliance wizard

Dear Mr Dyson, Your hoovers don’t suck. And that’s precisely the problem. Some years back I found myself in need of a Hoover (it’s a kind of rite of passage into adulthood and responsibility). I was easily seduced by the … Continue reading

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Power play

Paddy Power’s latest guerilla campaign…. marketing genius or bad taste? You decide!

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Airing our dirty laundry

I’d like to think I’m fairly laid back when it comes to housekeeping… I happily cram clothes into closets and shove things under the bed… as long as I can’t see them, it’s tidy, right??? J Mac has a slightly … Continue reading

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The littlest hobo

Last night when we were out on our walk Bonnie disappeared. After a considerable period of increasingly frantic calls, whistles and searching, we spotted her… Let’s have a closer look at that… You’d swear we didn’t feed them!

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Gripe of the Day #3

When they ask your name in Starbucks (I don’t want to be your friend I just want my damn coffee) and still manage to get it wrong… (my name doesn’t sound anything like Lucy)…

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Dead Cat Bounce

Spectacular cat jumping fails.

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Did you wash your hands?

Ireland’s Ebola readiness… a sign over the tic tac vending machine in the toilets.. We are so screwed…  

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When Saturday comes . . .

I was working one Saturday morning and came across this great website called branch of science which deals with all things culturally football and then today, while workin’, I checked it out again and came across this cartoonist featured on … Continue reading

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Best reason yet to vote yes to Scottish independence…

… a whole lot of people in England will have to get new tattoos!

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Stuffed toy takes on real dogs… and wins!

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