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School for Scandal

It must be election time. Our public representatives are all scrambling to issue the usual specious promises about schools, roads and manna from heaven. And all in spite of, or contrary to, the actual wishes of those the purport to … Continue reading

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Solomon’s Choice

Some not so good news from Mac Towers. Yesterday our two girls, Delaney and Bonnie had a pretty bad fight. It started over nothing much but ended up with both of them badly hurt with deep cuts and lacerations. This … Continue reading

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Bogus Bonus

When is a bonus not a bonus? When it’s an Irish Water bonus of course! Some SIPTU trade union goon was on the radio the other day trying to justify demands that staff at Irish Water, the most reviled Irish … Continue reading

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Roscommon People

Things are pretty bleak in Roscommon these days. Over half the county is still on “boil water” notices, their local hospital Accident and Emergency facility was forced to close in 2011 due to budget cuts and they were the only … Continue reading

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Power play

Paddy Power’s latest guerilla campaign…. marketing genius or bad taste? You decide!

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the Irish are fond of a drink. In fact we have made it a badge of our national identity. The Guinness Storehouse is the most visited tourist attraction in the country and foreign dignitaries … Continue reading

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Resistance is futile . . .

. . . i don’t buy Una Mullaly, the high priest of permissiveness and i don’t buy her continuous acts of political partisanship.  I find her ugly . . . on the inside, a harpy whose nest is nurtured near … Continue reading

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“This land is your land and this land is my land, sure . . . but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyways”. Bob Dylan

i blew into Dublin in the early naughties a very green boy and throughout the years, here in our centralised capital i’ve seen enough to help me make the climb to the heights of Firhouse, an area of southwest Dubh … Continue reading

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Delahunt’s Restaurant – Camden Street

We’ve been meaning to visit Delahunt’s for some time now. From the outside it looks like an unassuming traditional bistro, with quaint net curtains and a long, narrow dining room. It occupies the building that used to be home to … Continue reading

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Airing our dirty laundry

I’d like to think I’m fairly laid back when it comes to housekeeping… I happily cram clothes into closets and shove things under the bed… as long as I can’t see them, it’s tidy, right??? J Mac has a slightly … Continue reading

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