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Ireland 2.0

i wondered when i was young how Germans could go along with the Nazis and now i wonder no more. . . . tonight i saw the crowd, the gang, the oppressed and their enthusiasm spilling onto the warm Dublin streets … Continue reading

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“A sure cure for seasickness is to sit under a tree” Spike Milligan

i walk our walk most evenings, across the playing fields of Firhouse down toward the motorway the separates the sticks from the suburbs and now our walk has been interrupted by the fence of progress . . . . . … Continue reading

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“Organised crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year and spends very little on office supplies” Woody Allen

eyem aware that stationary is expensive, i mean this Rapesco 545 Stapler R54500B2 costs €24.23 inc VAT but todays delivery of our weekly office supplies really wowed me, as i was made aware that 12 packs of coloured Post Its cost … Continue reading

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“across the evening sky . . . “

i’ve changed job and i miss the weakdays dayz off. i also miss the late starts, as it gave me the morning to walk the dogs and to listen to good radio (Q102 plays everyday in the new working environment, … Continue reading

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“get UP! get OUT! get into something new!”

on Friday evening we left east Dublin and travelled south to county Limerick in our battered BMW. moo moo drove and i sat drinking cans of Danish green in the disordered back, where Delaney drooled on the shoulder of my coat, … Continue reading

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“Country music, bonfires, lakes, and summer flings. I cannot wait ’til summer, i live for those things”

“babee, do yah wanna walk the mountain later this morning?” “nah, i wanna see the lake behind the BIG house, out by Nobber. whatz it cawled . . ?” “i dunno . . . white chapel or something like that, … Continue reading

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“If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.”

Over the past two months or so i’ve been letting things get on my nerve, stuff that ordinarily annoys me but which i try and ignore, such as Una Mullally, The Irish Times, Broadsheet, The Guardian, Ivana Bacik, Clurr Daly … Continue reading

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Austen spoilers

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The Last Post

I The stillness of the dawn amplified the few signs of waking on the quiet street.  The glow of a solitary bedside lamp burned bright against the murk, and behind the dimpled glass of a front door a distorted figure … Continue reading

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When Saturday comes . . .

I was working one Saturday morning and came across this great website called branch of science which deals with all things culturally football and then today, while workin’, I checked it out again and came across this cartoonist featured on … Continue reading

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